Peaceful Pain Relief Therapeutic Massage by Sharon Leal

About Me

Hi! My name is Sharon Leal and I am Venezuela/American born in Pittsburgh, PA.  My family in Venezuela is dedicated to healthcare, over there; my sense of service to others developed. I find massage therapy as one of the most holistic and effective ways to improve people’s mood, health and over all state. I continue to pursue my personal and career development. I also took during 4 years self development seminars, for listening and self awareness led by Landmark Worldwide for the most accurate; and effective communication, producing specific results and exceeding clients’ expectations.

My interpersonal skills, communication, and level of experience as a therapist in the medical field as well as the spa industry; added to my commitment to effectiveness when applying my techniques on my clients would be an asset for any company .

 I have been a massage therapist for 15 years and I have worked with Doctors and Chiropractors in the auto-injury client industry for 6 years and the Spa industry for 7 year. I have been working on my own for two and a half years now. I like being supportive of people and families to stay feeling well and to remove the effect that muscle tension has on people's quality of life. Pain relief is my favorite modality. I am really good at relaxation, deep tissue, pain and stress relief, my schedule is open and flexible from 10:00 am to midnight including weekends. It would be my pleasure doing business with you.  You can text me to arrange the appointment at 4079537836 and call if you have any questions, I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for considering doing business with me and I hope you have a great day! You will find my rates here in my website on the menu and all the different modalities I practice.  I am here for the relaxation, pain relief and wellness of Central Florida. Thank you!


Sharon Leal  LMT 

I really appreciate your time in reading my profile and considering doing business with me.